Reunion Communications, Inc. offers unique products to help you compete and profit in the niche telecom markets: local toll, wholesale   prepaid 1+ long distance, interstate, intrastate, international, inbound 800 & 411/Directory Assistance.

Reunion Communications’ management team has over 50 years experience in the telecommunications industry, including prepaid experience since 1995.  We have aligned with major vendors to provide software and transport creating a total solution for CLECs and their end users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Reunion Communications, Inc.?

Reunion Communications is a telecommunications vendor to the wholesale market.  Our primary goal is to provide superior service & quality products to our clients and your end users.

Are CLECs your only clients?

Reunion Communications primarily serves CLECs, both in the postpaid and prepaid markets. 

Do I need to have IXC certification?

Reunion Communications is a true wholesaler and thus sells only to entities that maintain their own certificates of service.

Does Reunion offer 411 service only to CLEC’s with UNE-P agreements?

Reunion Communications believes it most advantageous to route 411 to us so that the number of calls can be limited and/or controlled---most ILECs will route 411 to alternate providers only when UNE-P is utilized.  We also offer 555-1212 Directory Assistance for long distance applications.

Do my customers need to dial an 800 access number to use this long distance?

Reunion Communications offers both (800) access & 1+.  The true 1+ product is more popular due to the ease of use and its standard (1+area code + number) dialing pattern.  The prices are similar. 

Does Reunion offer inbound (800) service to my call center?

Reunion Communications is currently providing both inbound (800) and administrative toll services to clients.  We offer both switched and dedicated access.  Call for pricing.

Who sets the retail selling price?

You select the retail rates---Reunion Communications will build, maintain, and support the rate tables.  

Who pays if my customers exceed their credit limit?

Reunion Communications utilizes a state of the art debit platform for a majority of the products offered and makes daily CDR reports available for the remaining offerings.  We offer a no-risk guarantee for all products provisioned through the debit platform. 

How do I learn more?

Contact Mark Widbin, President, 630.243.7414 x14 or